If you have put in the hard work and are hungry for more responsibility, you may be ready for a promotion. Moving up the corporate ladder might have been your goal from the beginning, or perhaps you started to recognize the value of your work at your current position through positive supervisor feedback. No matter how you decided that a promotion is your next career move, showing your boss that you are ready to move up is a crucial step.

Here’s how to make sure your boss notices you are ready for more responsibility.

Be A Creative Problem Solver

If you have your eyes set on a promotion, you may already be one of the top performers if your department. Simply accomplishing your day to day tasks might not be sufficient to climb up to the next rung on the ladder. Thinking of smart ways to improve existing company processes can be a great way to make you stand out in the crowd. Everyone wants to be more efficient, and if you are the one providing the solutions, chances are you have what it takes to be in a leadership position.

Master the Art of Tough Conversations

Successful leaders know how to communicate well with others. That means talking through difficulties too. If you are looking to get promoted, knowing how to phrase not-so-great-news is a skill worth working on. Bosses appreciate team members who have the initiative to approach them about project issues and offer innovative solutions. Even if the problem is especially tough, asking the right questions shows your supervisor how motivated you are to fix it. That kind of commitment rarely goes unnoticed.

Have A Clear Strategy

If you know your goal is to move up in the company, having a clearly defined strategy can get you there faster. Take note of any weaker areas in your company or department. What role could you have in strengthening these areas? If your skill set aligns with the challenge, propose a new responsibility or set of tasks that aims to bridge the gap. Even if your higher ups are not quite ready to redirect your role, they will see your initiative as a positive.

Ask for Feedback

It should go without saying that checking in with your boss every once in while is crucial to your career’s future. Asking for feedback not only gets you the information you need to succeed in your role, it also puts you on the radar. Request a meeting with your boss to go over recent projects. During the meeting, jot down any suggestions your boss may have and implement them. Next time your supervisor sees your work they will be pleased that you listened carefully to their feedback.

 Show Your Work (Confidently)     

Even if you are a top performer, your supervisor may not know everything about your accomplishments. This can be especially true if you have recently been assigned new projects which are typically outside your scope. Take the time to compile your accomplishments into easy to digest metrics. That way, next time you get a chance to show your boss your achievements you can be confident in the value of your work.

Climbing up the corporate ladder can seem like a daunting process, but by following a few simple guidelines and keeping the lines of communication open between you and your higher ups, you can ensure your career success.