You have received the call or email, and it’s official: you’ve earned a job offer! How exciting! All your hard work paid off, and it’s time to celebrate. But wait, another offer comes your way. How do you choose between the two options?


The good news is the ball is completely in your court. You have all the power here. But you have to make a decision. What should the deciding factors be in your final choice? How do you know that you’re going to make the right decision for your future?


Read on to learn our top tips to decipher between which of two job offers is the right one for you.


Consider your long-term career goals


Chances are, one of your offers is going to have a more attractive compensation package than the other. Don’t let money make your decision for you. How would each position align with your future career goals? Will one offer allow you to grow in a specific skill set that could get you closer to where you want to be faster than the other? Which job gives you better exposure to projects and people that can help you elevate your current career path?


Consider quality of life


We often change jobs because we want a better quality of life. Look at the two offers that have been given to you and consider how each will affect your work life balance. Does one job pay more, but you will average 80 hours in the office per week? Is that worth it to you? Look at the vacation time allotment and see if it aligns with your current lifestyle. A new job should make your life better, so you want to be sure to consider the work life balance.


Consider the culture


Nowadays, companies are realizing the importance of having a high-quality culture in the workplace. What does each company do to ensure that they are employees feel cared for and supported while at work? When you interviewed, which process, and people made you feel the most comfortable and excited to continue getting to know them?


Consider your future leader


A leader can make or break your satisfaction with a job. You most likely met this individual during your interviewing process. What is their communication style? How do they support their team? You will be spending a ton of time with this person, so you want to ensure that you can build a solid relationship with them that makes you feel comfortable, respected, and advocated for.


Again, you are in a great position here. Not many people have multiple job offers at the same time, so congratulations! No matter what, there will be pros and cons to both jobs. That’s just how working works. However, with proper consideration, and a little bit of trusting your gut, I know that you will make the right decision for you. Good luck!




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Debi is a coach to high performers, leaders and business owners wanting to achieve more and grow beyond what they believe is possible. Known for her clarifying insight and a pragmatic approach, Debi brings her clients to the next step by asking the right questions during strategy development and supporting them during strategy implementation. With experience in management, recruitment and employee development for various industries, she has a wide scope of expertise and will confidently guide you towards a successful future in your career.


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