You can google “Top Habits of Successful People” and find thousands of articles and videos promising the top tips to rise to the top. But what about the habits that you should break? What if certain behaviors are what’s keeping you from experiencing success? We’ve accumulated the top 5 habits that create hinderances in the workplace.


Read on to learn more and see what habits you should break to ensure success.


Habit 1: Fearing Failure


Here’s a hard truth: you are going to fail at a lot of things in life. You know what’s wonderful about that? Failure is the opportunity to learn. In fact, the faster you fail, the faster you can figure out the right way to go about something.


When you catch yourself fearing potential failure, think about what the absolute worst-case scenario is. Let yourself go there in your head. Is it getting fired? Okay, you’ll get another job. Are you fearful of embarrassing yourself? Consider this: can you remember anyone else’s embarrassing moments in life? Probably not. If you were to do or say something momentarily embarrassing, chances are, no one will remember it. When you let go of fearing failure, you gain freedom.


Habit 2: Allowing Negative Self-Talk


One of my favorite quotes is “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” (Ralph Waldo Emerson). Nothing good comes from thinking negatively, or talking poorly, about yourself. If you tell yourself that you aren’t good at something, chances are, you won’t be. Lift yourself up! You’re not going to get everything right. In fact, you’re going to get a lot of things wrong. But maintaining a positive attitude, recognizing that you are trying, and embracing grace will get you miles further than if you see yourself in a negative light.


Habit 3: Avoiding Collaboration


We all tend to think that our ideas are the best ones. To be successful in the workplace, you need to let go of this ideology. Yes, your recommendations and approaches to projects are probably great. However, what if someone else has thought of something you haven’t considered before? What if their input could take your ideas to the next level and creates success for both of you?


Habit 4: Entertaining Distractions


Put. Your. Phone. Away. Technology has changed so much of our lives for the better. We’re more efficient, can automate tasks, and connect with one another in ways we’ve never had the ability to before. Unfortunately, devices can also create immense distraction. Constant notifications and content flashing across your screen makes it very difficult to stay on task and keep focused. When working, turn your phone on to the Do Not Disturb setting and set limits on your social media usage. Try going one hour without checking your phone. Chances are, you’ll see a major difference in your productivity.


Habit 5: Burning Bridges


The business world is surprisingly a small one. Everyone knows someone who knows someone else, who knows you. Be mindful of how you treat your professional relationships. Treat others with kindness and integrity. Be especially careful when you’re leaving a company. Even if you had a negative experience and are excited to leave, remain respectful and leave on good terms. You never know who you may run into later on down the road.


What other habits should you break to ensure success?



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