Wow. Who would have thought back in March 2020 that over two years would go by before many of us transitioned back to the office after working from home? I sure didn’t see that coming! Many companies have determined that a fulltime work from home schedule is the right direction post-pandemic, while others are slowly beginning to welcome employees back, even if just part-time.


You may have mixed feelings about returning, or you may be on the edge of your seat ready to get back. Regardless of your thoughts towards the transition, it’s important to take time prior to returning to consider a few things prior to the big day.


Read on to learn our tops tips for transitioning back to the office after working from home.


Bring Back Positive HabitsChances are, when you moved from an office environment to a home environment, you adjusted a few approaches to your workday. Perhaps when you were in the office you never took breaks, and now in your home environment you like to take breaks every couple of hours to stretch your legs and go for a quick 20-minute walk. I’ll bet when you sit back down to your work after walking, you’re more productive than before. Consider taking things types of habits back to the office with you. The occasional walk, tea break, etc. won’t make or break your efficiency. But they may help slow your burn out, increase positivity in your mood, and create an overall better experience in the workplace.


Eliminate Negative Behaviors

While you created positive habits at home, chances are you introduced some negative ones as well. Unfortunately snoozing your alarm until right before your 9am meeting isn’t going to cut it anymore. The sweatpants and extra-long lunch breaks aren’t going to either. Take inventory of the less-than-ideal choices you’ve adopted and start working on removing those today.


Set Expectations with your Leader

The transition back to the office may affect each person differently. Be sure to have a chat with your leader about expectations. Perhaps when working from home, you were able to log off early to pick up your children from school. Work with your leader to determine clear expectations so both parties can be comfortable with the changes.


Leaders, Set Expectations with your Team

And to leaders, be aware of the difficulties this transition may create for your team. Many may have children who were born during COVID-19 and they are going to have to regularly be away from them for the first time since their birth. Perhaps some team members made lifestyle changes that the transition will affect substantially. It’s okay to enforce the transition but be empathetic and try to work with your team as much as possible.


Begin Prepping Now

You’ve probably been given a couple of weeks to prepare for the return. Therefore, start preparing now. Begin waking up earlier, adjust routines with family members and pets, etc. It’ll be easier for everyone involved if you start today, and your first day back won’t be nearly as impactful.


Are you going back to the office soon?



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