This word conjures images of powerful political leaders, CEOs, and other important figures, but leadership is done in other ways.  There is the caring doctor, who gently leads a patient to an important conclusion.  Or the team leader, who helps a team figure out new ways to lead without being overbearing.

A leader’s attitude about leadership is just as important as their ability to lead others. With the right attitude, you can be a leader.

What are the signs that you or someone you know is a leader?

Leaders Value Input

Leaders value input from others.  They even seek it out.  They value input from co-workers and from those who report to them.   They don’t shoot down ideas for the sake of correctness or decline ideas because it doesn’t fit right now.

Leaders Value Feedback

Leaders are open to value added change and constructive feedback.  Just like input, those who are leadership material value feedback on their own work or the current way of doing things.

 Leaders Value Knowledge

Leaders must be curious about their profession and emerging trends. They understand they don’t have all the answers.  They seek out experts and others who have valuable knowledge and surround themselves with other knowledgeable people.

Leaders Value People

At their core, leaders value people. They realize it is only people who can provide the input, feedback, and knowledge that is needed. While technology offers great advantages and insights, these systems not know how to motivate or manage people.

Although leaders may have different strategies for motivating and managing teams, they share the same values.  Do you have the values of a leader?