When performing the same job year in and year out, it’s easy to become content in your role or company. You know the dynamics, you understand the expectations, and you are comfortable with the organization as a whole. But what if it’s time to move on? How do you know when is the right time? Does a certain event happen, or not happen? Is there a sudden moment when the feeling is right?

Let’s break down how you can know when it may be time to move on from your current company.

You’re Stagnant
A major benefit to working in a corporate environment is the ability to advance, whether through your skills and responsibilities, or position. If you’ve noticed that there has been zero growth in any of these areas for the past several months, or even years, it may be time to consider moving on.

However, do note that stagnation doesn’t always have to be solved with an exit. Schedule some time with your leader to let them know that you are ready to take on additional or different responsibilities and share with them your career goals. There is a chance that because you haven’t voiced your desire for change, they are assuming you prefer things how they are.

There’s Constant Attrition
Companies experience highs and lows with their retention rates. Some years, everyone wants to work at a certain organization, and other years, that same organization may struggle to keep employees happy. However, if you’re noticing a consistent pattern of co-workers leaving the company for other opportunities, that may mean it’s time to pause and consider a change for yourself. Most of the time, if large amounts of employees are leaving the company, that means that there are better opportunities elsewhere.

If you’re have strong relationships with co-workers who are saying goodbye, sit down with them (preferably out of the office) and respectfully pick their brain as the why they’ve decided the company is no longer the right fit for them. Who knows, their reasons may solidify your decision to stay, or, you may recognize your desire for change as well.

You’re Having More Bad Days Than Good Ones
Work is called work for a reason. It’s not always supposed to be fun, easy, or something that you’d want to do in your free time. However, it should be relatively enjoyable, and something that you have some interest in. If you’re realizing that every day is draining, upsetting, or burdensome, it’s time to move on. While work isn’t always a walk in the park, it shouldn’t be severely affecting your quality of life.

You Simply Want To
There doesn’t always have to be a major reason to desire moving into a different company. Sometimes there’s simply an itch, and it’s okay to follow that feeling. Take your time and look around to see what’s out there. However, do not share with your employer (or anyone at your company if you can) that you are looking around at other opportunities. That is a sure-fire way to lose out on potential promotions, raises, or even your own job before you have another plan in place.

There isn’t a simple answer if you are questioning when it’s time to move on. However, if the thought has crossed your mind, it may be time to explore and simply see what exists out there.


About Debi
Debi is a coach to high performers, leaders and business owners wanting to achieve more and grow beyond what they believe is possible. Known for her clarifying insight and a pragmatic approach, Debi brings her clients to the next step by asking the right questions during strategy development and supporting them during strategy implementation. With experience in management, recruitment and employee development for various industries, she has a wide scope of expertise and will confidently guide you towards a successful future in your career.

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