Personal Coaching for ChangeWhether you are looking for a job or establishing yourself as a leader in your organization, your social media presence counts. Good resumes are a first step, but that alone doesn’t cut it anymore. Is your social media working for you or against you? Using your online presence to bolster your career will get attention.

The Need for Online Presence
Online presence is no longer optional. It has the ability to support your personal brand and demonstrate industry knowledge. This position authority provides you the opportunity to attract employers and leaders to you.
Recruiters and employers are looking for job seekers who have a diverse and compelling online footprint. Take a moment to Google your name. If little to no search results pop up, you may be passed over for someone who has a vibrant online story.

Social Proof
Employers often will Google your name before contacting you. This helps them validate your resume and experience. Any discrepancies will raise red flags so make sure all your information matches.

Improving Your Online Reputation
If you discover you do not have much of an online presence, don’t worry, you can get started now.
LinkedIn is a great tool to establish your subject matter expertise, share professional opinions and influence others. You can even use this platform as your professional blog. Articles you post on LinkedIn are displayed in the posts section of your profile. These posts can be shared with your connections and followers. An added bonus is that each post is searchable-both on and off of LinkedIn. Don’t let content creation keep you from using this tool. Write articles based on keywords from your profile and resume.

Did you know if you write a book review on Amazon, it can be used as a search tool? Find great professional books you have read and post a meaningful review about it. You can write your professional opinion whether you agree or disagree with an author.

Employers utilize the tools at their disposable to get the best candidates and promote leaders. The best candidates have squeaky-clean online footprints, so be diligent in building and safeguarding your online reputation.