There may be several times in your career when working with a career coach would be beneficial. Perhaps you are looking for your first job and need some pointers. Or you don’t enjoy your current work and want to explore a change.

Working with a career coach is a great opportunity for both career and personal growth. Here are the top five reasons why working with a career coach is a good choice.

  1. Get advice for YOU!

General career advice will only get you so far. Your career situation is unique, so the career advice you receive should be tailored to you.

  1. Dedicated time.

This works both ways between you and your career coach. You receive individualized attention from your career coach. This allows the coach to understand your unique situation and provide direction based on

In the same token, you carve out time to focus on your goals and career needs. Time that you may have said in the past that you were too busy for or you thought you would eventually get to. Year after year goes by and   A career coach can show you simple strategic ways to improve your career situation without adding to the mountain of responsibilities you have.

  1. Unbiased advice for YOU.

Let’s face it, there are goals others want us to achieve and there are goals we want to achieve. Career coaching allows you to separate out

You have an idea – you want to switch careers, go back to school for a new career, or start a business. So you pitch that idea to your friend and mom. They often give great advice, but the problem is that their advice will be biased because they know you TOO well. They may not have the experience to be able to give you a solid foundation in the area you are seeking.

For example, a common question to kick off an interview is, “Tell me about yourself”. You might not feel comfortable experimenting with your elevator pitch with someone that will respond, “Tell them about the time when you were running late

Sometimes too much familiarity isn’t a good thing. Career coaching allows you to think through ideas and experiment in a low-stakes kind of way.

  1. Experience.

A career coach helps you discover your unique strengths. Then they work with you to confidently communicate those strengths in order to reach your goals. A career coach helps you go from ideas to action. They are able to do this through experience. Look for a career coach that has experience in hiring people and managing others. This experience is invaluable as they help you explore your options.

  1. Become comfortable with YOU.

You probably have heard about being authentic or branding yourself. What does that really mean?

Let’s say you have a friend that has a job we want. So, we try to copy that friend to land a similar job. We imitate how they dress, speak and even their LinkedIn profile. Then you get that job and you are disappointed. Why? Because you were not being you. You have unique talents and strengths that only you can capitalize on to have a successful and rewarding career. A career coach helps you promote your brand to your employer or prospective employers.


This might be all well and good, but who can afford a career coach? The best thing about working with Insight Career Solutions is you receive a free career strategy session and can choose between individual sessions focused on your needs or you can select a package which bundles individual sessions at a lower price. You do not get a cookie cutter approach to your career goals. Get more information at today.