As a job seeker, you are most likely already following the standard advice: clean up your Facebook posts, rework your resume, and attend networking opportunities. However, even if you are not looking for social media as a career, it is beneficial to your job search.


  1. LinkedIn: Job Site and Posting Platform

Unlike other job boards like Indeed and Monster, LinkedIn is a social media platform for job hunting, networking, and thought leaders.

It is also a great place to post an article about your experiences in a field and any advice for those just starting out. Write an article on new trends in your industry, experiences that you’ve used to do a better job, or even on what could be next for your field. Employers want engaged employees, and creating thoughtful, engaging content is a great way to showcase this skill.


  1. Twitter: Create New Conversations among Thought Leaders

Twitter, unlike LinkedIn, provides a space to reply quickly to thought leaders in your industry, as well as making lists of thought leaders and potential companies of interest. Whether sharing an interesting article, responding to comments about a new trend in your field, or simply showcasing your own work, Twitter provides real-time engagement.


  1. Facebook: Groups for Networking

Facebook is another great place for networking. Many networking and professional organizations have groups on Facebook, which is a great opportunity for making connections. Just be sure to keep it professional, and you have a great way to make industry contacts.


  1. Instagram

Are you a graphic designer, visual artist, or advertising professional? Instagram, of course, may be a platform you are already using, but it is also a great way to showcase your current portfolio of designs and ads created for clients or even past employers.


Even if social media is not a required skill for your next career move, it is a great way to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry and connect with potential employers, as long as you keep it professional.