It’s that time of year again, folks! Whether you dread or wait on pins and needles for it, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. A holiday traditionally meant for romantic festivities between partners, Valentine’s Day has now expanded into a holiday filled with commemorating moments between partners, families, friends, and even…..employees.

Let’s take a quick step back, no need to create a Human Resources scandal here! What we are saying is, work isn’t all results, profit, performance, etc. As a leader, it is vital that you show your employees that you care for them through your actions, words, and behaviors.

Keep reading to discover how you can show your employees love in a mutually beneficial way to them, and to the company.


Remember They Are People, Just Like You

As previously stated, there is more to a business beyond results, and more to people than what they can do for you. Remember that your employees are individuals too, with families, friends, hobbies, fears, and more. Treat them accordingly. Does Daniel really need to be a part of the late Friday afternoon meeting that has nothing to do with his work beyond him being on your team? Or can he head out so he can make it to his kindergartener’s soccer game? Does Cheryl truly need to be in the office Monday through Friday, or can she work from home 2 days a week to spend time with her ill husband?

So often, we require actions of employees that truly aren’t necessary, but are “the way it’s always been done”. However, if small tweaks are made, quality of work-life balance for these individuals can improve immensely. Remember that your employees are more than just employees, they’re just like you.


Recognition is Powerful

Never underestimate the importance of recognition for your employees. As a leader, you are recognized more often than you may realize. You are the head of your team or company, therefore all the praise for your business’s triumphs typically falls onto you, not the individuals contributing long hours and skills towards to collective success. Be very, very mindful of the work of your team members, and make a significant effort to recognize them, both publicly and privately. At the monthly company meeting, share praises regarding top-achievers from the month. Invite individuals to your office for congratulatory conversations. People want to feel that the work that they do matters. Show them that it does.


When Opportunities Arises

However, even more important than remembrance and recognition is raising others up. When opportunities land on your desk that you have the perfect individual to lead the charge, give them the opportunity to do so. Should a career-changing big break be brought up in an executive meeting, be the person to mention the name of a deserving individual. Don’t gate-keep opportunities, hand them out every chance you get.




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