The role of a manager is to create a positive, productive environment that serves and supports team members.  It doesn’t need extraordinary effort or expense.  The little extra time it takes makes the results worth it.

Here are some simple ways to make your employees feel valued at work:



People want to feel appreciated for what they do, especially by their manager because their praise feels relevant and lets employees know they’re on the right track. You can do this by clearly stating what your team member did well, how it relates to their strengths and how it helps the organization.  Also, saying it more often than you think helps.

Although verbal praise is easy and quick, a handwritten note goes a long way to drive the point home.  It demonstrates to the employee that they are worth your time.



The best bosses look for ways to enhance their team members’ growth with external professional development opportunities, such as attending industry conferences, joining a professional association, or gaining a certification.

Don’t forget: Plenty of professional growth and learning opportunities exist within your organization, too. You can take your direct report to coffee to talk about their career goals or introduce that employee to another senior leader in the organization for a mentoring chat.

When you personally participate in your employees’ learning and professional growth, you show you believe in them and want to help prepare them for their future success.



Don’t fall prey to believing conversations about extracurricular activities interferes with your lengthy to-do list.

Simply asking them about their weekends, their families, and their hobbies—and sharing tidbits about my own— builds trusting relationships. When you better understand their experiences outside the office, it helps you work together more effectively in the office, too.



Recognize your team members’ work anniversaries or birthdays.  Maybe host a pizza party for the whole team when a sale closes or break out ice cream mid-afternoon for a surprise treat to bring everyone together.  Whatever the occasion, find reasons to celebrate and bring joy to work.

It’s important to mention that you should ask your employees how they like to be recognized and what makes them feel appreciated.  When they feel valued, their job satisfaction will increase.  Recognition and gratitude strengthen feelings of self-confidence and reinforces sense of purpose.