The fight to achieve a work-life balance has only increased through the decades. Historically, baby boomers grew up witnessing their parents go to massive lengths to make a simple living. Growing up in years of global instability, these individuals, statistically, are willing to sacrifice their “life” in return for consistent work. As times have changed, the workplace has evolved; however, the struggle for equilibrium in one’s professional and personal life has continued through the generations. In the modern world, achieving a work-life balance is possible. Discover the best ways to find balance for your career and lifestyle below.



Make a list of your 5 non-negotiables for the day. These are the tasks that if absolutely nothing else is done that day, they must be accomplished by the time you head home. Choosing to prioritize a few set tasks breaks down a loaded to-do list into manageable chunks, while also making it clear what can’t wait. Once those 5 tasks are completed and the work day has ended, choose to mentally unplug for the day. The rest can wait until tomorrow.


Set Boundaries

As technology use in the workplace has increased, the ability to unplug from work has nearly diminished. With every notification comes an urgent email, request, question, and guilt from not giving an immediate response. While taking the occasional glance at your work email or phone after hours is normal, regularly responding to non-urgent work emails signals to colleagues that you are available during non-work hours. Set a personal boundary for when you are fully off-limits unless an emergency is occurring, and feel empowered to let those non-critical tasks wait until the next morning.


Know Your Options

We all know that colleague who is in the office by 7am, workout completed and 2 cups of coffee down. It’s easy to feel less than when comparing ourselves to the early-rising go-getter who seems to have it all together. Don’t be afraid to take a flexible approach with your workspace and schedule. Work for a global company with extra early meetings? Check with your supervisor to see if it’s okay to call in from home or on your commute. Having trouble fitting in exercise due to lengthy work hours? Consider investing in a balance ball chair to keep your core engaged throughout the day. No matter your situation, rest assured that your work-life balance may look different than a co-worker’s and that is normal and okay.


While work/life balance looks different to different people, check in with yourself to ensure your approach meets your goals. Try new methods and remember, prioritizing yourself is not selfish. It is always a work in process to achieve balancing and will require you managing your time for the long-term.





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