Sometimes it feels like there is a lot going against you when you’re looking to climb higher on the corporate ladder.  The good news is that it is possible if you know the proper tools to put into place to make it happen.  The best tool?  Executive presence.  This specialized leadership skill will give you a quality reputation – the right way – and it will also make you well-liked amongst your higher-ups and coworkers.  Here’s what you should know about it.

What is executive presence?

The best way to define executive presence is to find someone who has it.  This is the person that gets the attention of others in a warm and engaging way.  Without being boastful, they appear they can do a good job at about anything.  Someone with executive presence commands trust, attention and respect.  It’s a special kind of confidence.

How do you get it?

Consider getting executive presence for yourself to reap the benefits and proper yourself into a higher position by doing it the right way.  Take a look at some of these great tips to help you get started.

  • Be prepared and look the part: When you show up to a formal meeting or even just a small casual one, make sure that you are dressed professionally to help you feel confident.  Be prepared with questions and content that is engaging and will show your coworkers that you know your stuff.  It all allows you to exude the confidence that you need to show in order for you to progress.
  • Say your part: If you have questions or comments in a meeting or other professional environment, give them voice.  You need to show those around you that you aren’t just a “yes” kind of person.  You are someone who has an opinion, can share it in a respectful way, and is focused on getting the best result.  This is a quality of leadership that is often under-used, but a powerful option to consider.
  • Treat others with respect: Whether it is a chief executive, a co-worker, or an intern, be respectful.  Compliment them on their work and ask questions.  Get to know them.  It all shows that you are compassionate and will do well in a leadership position.  It also makes you a great person to be around in general.

Executive presence doesn’t have to be a mystery.  It’s just about understanding how to put your best foot forward to progress yourself into a position of leadership the right way.