You have an existing resume and think it looks and reads okay. So, why waste time on an entire rewrite when you could tweak it here and there? Most likely your resume needs a lot more than tweaking as tweaking rarely yields the result you really need.

Consider applicant tracking systems (ATS). Tweaking your resume does not include making it compatible with these widely used ATS platforms. You need a rewrite to ensure your resume meets the formatting and content parameters necessary to pass the screen and make it to a human reader.

Another key consideration is format. Is it boring and lackluster or does it catch someone’s eye and encourage them to read? A simple tweak will not cover revamping the format either. For example, putting your name and contact information in the header section is a big no-no because the ATS cannot read it. Even if the rest of this resume was great, the candidate would never get a call back because his name and contact information were not visible.

Finally, consider the content. You may be emotionally tied to your career or simply in the dark about what is important to include on your resume. As a result, you most likely listed every single responsibility, making the document read more like a grocery list than a compelling career document.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you simply updating your resume will automatically meet your needs and those of a prospective employer. Because the stakes are high — and because it can be hard to take a birds-eye view of your experience, and to be able to identify what skills and competencies to highlight — consider enlisting a professional who can help guide you.

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